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What are Secondary Conditions?

Secondary Conditions

Once a Structural Shift has occurred, you are likely to experience one or more of the many symptoms that can occur as a result. Since the Structural Shift is a Primary Condition, it makes sense that the symptoms that result are called Secondary Conditions.

Structural shifts are primary conditions.

Anterior Head Syndrome causes Secondary Conditions.

There are two main types of Secondary Conditions. The first is mechanical in nature, and the second is neurological or functional in nature.

The first type – mechanical – follows as a direct result of the altered position of the body after the Structural Shift. The constant pull from gravity on a bad structure will wear out the muscles, bones, discs, ligaments, and joints. We experience this as pain, discomfort, muscle aches, posture problems, and other things. Essentially, these secondary conditions result from wear and tear

Spinal Degeneration

Spinal Degeneration Occurs with a Structural Shift.

The second type of Secondary Condition come because the spine, which is the structural framework of the body, also houses the nerve system of the body. The nerve system sends and receives signals from all parts of the body. When this signalling is altered, the function of the body is altered.  You might experience headaches, dizziness, numbness, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, or other symptoms. What this means is that the normal job of the nerves of the body is disrupted. Signals can get distorted, and the body begins to lose normal function.

Secondary Conditions vary greatly in type and character. Pain is a common problem, probably the most common problem we see here at Specific Chiropractic. If pain is a Secondary Condition, treating it like a Primary Condition will provide only temporary relief.  Pain will come back as long as what has caused it is still a problem. This is so important, it bears repeating – you can’t successfully manage a Secondary Condition like pain by treating it like a Primary Condition, because it is not a Primary Condition.

Does it make sense that we focus on the Primary Structural Shift, and not the Secondary Condition?

Does it make sense that we say “Structure Determines Function“?

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