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When The Spine Shifts

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When someone's symptoms are a result of a spinal shift, it may require a chiropractor who focuses on STRUCTURAL problems. Here are some examples of problems often caused by a spinal shift.

When the Spine Shifts


Spinal  ShiftsIs This YOU?
Arm Pain 


Bone Spurs

Carpal Tunnel

Canal Stenosis

Decreased Motion

Degenerated Joints

Digestive Disorders

Disc Herniations

Dizziness (Vertigo)

Dowager’s Hump



Golfer’s Elbow


Hearing Issues


Low Back Pain

Mid Back Pain

Migraine Headache

Muscle Spasm

Muscle Tension

Muscular Imbalance

Neck Pain


Pinched Nerve

Poor Posture

Rotator Cuff Issues

Shoulder Pain

Sinus Conditions

Spinal Decay

Strength Issues


Tennis Elbow

Thoracic Outlet

TMJ Issues

Upper Back Pain

Vision Issues

Strong Foundation

Poor Structure Creates Problems


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