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Health Puzzle – Retro Style! Solving Structural Problems like a Boss


Health Puzzle Problem?

Let’s take a look at a health puzzle that perplexes so many folks. Do you remember the Rubik’s Cube puzzle? Seems like everyone had one of these maddening little cubes back in the 80’s. Today, I realized that my experience with it is very similar to many people’s experience with health.

Health Puzzle

Rubik’s Cube

Puzzled? I was! My Rubik’s Cube sat, unsolved, for years. I knew other people had figured it out, but I never did. I ‘cheated’ and took the puzzle apart to make it look like I solved it, but that’s not honest. Once I decided, years later, that solving this thing was important to me, I realized I needed help.

The Cube has 21 pieces, and due to the math involved, it can be unsolved an almost infinite number of ways. But, for accuracy, we’ll say that it’s closer to ‘only’ 43 quintillion ways. Give or take a few. That’s pretty scrambled. Your body has way more pieces than the cube. Can you imagine how many ways it can be scrambled?

Getting healthy is similar. Sometimes you need help. Perhaps our logical, objective, process would make sense for you. You can ‘cheat’ and make it just look like you’re healthy, or you can start to take steps for a real solution and get the help you need.

Health Puzzle Solution!

The approach we use is based on the structure of your body. In the Cube, when things are out of place, it looks like a mess. It’s scrambled, and the attempts you make to fix it seem to only make it worse. Certainly, no better. It takes understanding, and it takes a plan to fix the mess. But, once you really know what you are doing, you can actually solve this cube in a minute. Just 60 seconds. That’s a whole lot better than never, right?

In our office, we’ve trained to understand the structure of the body, and to see when it is scrambled. Once we know what shape the structure is in, we can work to undo the scramble. It will take more than 60 seconds, for sure. But, if you don’t get started, then you can’t make any progress at all. If you need help solving your health puzzle, call Specific Chiropractic of SC.



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